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Half of all small companies do not have a website, many business websites’s do not show on google first page, Many businesses do not have a good google my business profile. Social media and website development seem to have a large technical barrier, this forum is aimed at helping small business build and maintain a successful on-line presence. With non-technical advice, free reviews, case studies. discounts and links to all the good quality online sites.

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DIY website development is it possible ?

DIY website development

According to TV adverts building a website is simple just use 'godaddy' etc and fill in the blanks. However, this creates a web-site exactly the same as all your competitors the chances of getting onto google front page is very low. However, website development companies charge from a few hundred to several thousand pounds and then charge a monthly fee for SEO. can you develop a standout website by yourself at low cost?. Do you need to learn HTML, or use A CMS solution.
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Posted 2017-12-02 20:47:04

website Design website lifecycle social media marketing

Web Terms

seo terms defined

Website development is full of terms, from SEO, CMS, meta-tags, We provide a simple non-technical guidelines to all the these terms.
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Posted 2012-08-02 20:47:04

website Design website lifecycle social media marketing

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