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The First step in a successful website, is to review your current content, compared to your rivals to see what is possible, learn from your rivals, find new content ideas.

  • Techincal Audit of your major web pages
  • Social Media Review
  • Competitor Reviews
  • Free checklists
  • Action Plan what we could do for you
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Technical audit

Review of your major pages, look at any technical problems, comparing style and keywords against your leading competitors

Competitor Review

How do you rank compared to your revials, including google page rankings, technical efforts, what can you learn from them in terms of keywords, style, social media usage, link to/from external sites

Learn leasons from your Competitors

What keywords are they targeting, which social media platforms do they uses. You is linking o thier content. which can use learn from them.

Social Media

Social Media interaction not only increases your google rankings but is an direct source of traffic. Upto 30% of some customers search start with social media. How do you rank against your competitors?

Business Profile

Profiles in Google+, twitter, linkedIn, local and trade directories sites will generate increase traffic at a low cost. Are your profiles complete and what do your competitors do.

Action Plan

We will suggest an action plan, do you need to improve your online business profiles /social media. or need new content. Can you do the work yourself or suggest help.

Upgrade to full competitor analysis

A full technical review and an action plan. checklists