TimeView ERP for Professional Services

From 1995-2008 Hyperaccess ltd Developed, sold and supported an ERP system ("TimeView") for a number of Professional services clients, developed original in Vb4/MS access it was migrated through a number of .Net versions, using C# , WPF and ASP.net.

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Timeview was originally an addon to the CHAMELEON accounting package to provide Timesheet entry, however CHAMELEON failed to meet the special needs of the professional services industry and Hyperaccess was contracted to write a complete End-to-End ERP package designed with a leading financial services company. Implemented in VB/C# running on an MS SQL database. It is installed at several clients ranging from 10 man businesses through to 300 + users at Chiltern and BDO

Timeview overview
Timeview Overview

TimeView Project History

Hyperaccess ltd was contracted to contracted by WJB Edwards in 1995 to generate a Timesheet add-on to the Chameleon accounting package. After a few months the Chameleon system was abandoned and HYperaccess ltd was contracted to generate an End to End ERP system, after successful implementation, Hyperaccess ltd was given the IPR and for the next 14 years sold this to a number of clients each time leading the development of add-on systems required by the very changeable professional service industry.

  • Original timesheet only version 1995
  • Full ERP system rollout 1997
  • Multi addon module implemented including Credit control, CRM,Limited company addon module , Y2K testing, European version
  • System sold to Chiltern and implemented in 3 months 2002
  • Rewrite from VB6 to .Net 2004
  • New CRM/workflow added 2005
  • New company formed with chiltern to sale Timeview to chiltern clients 2006
  • BDO acquired Chiltern, supported the system and assisted in re-engineering and developed
    • New business process to support BDO process
    • New Help desk/subscription management module
    • Direct debit module


Contact Management Full details of client/ contacts ( and possible clients ) are stored , Full analysis of work undertaken is provided at the file(job) and client level. Full integration enables views of all details from timesheets, journals, invoices etc. from clients and files.
Workflow Workflow rules can be defined on all aspects of the system from client take on to journal approval.
Timesheets Define timesheet periods and charge out metrics. Allows time to be chargeable or non-chargeable. Time can be entered via calendars or timesheets. Alerts can be placed to warn or block blocking of time to files, based on a number of elements. Workflow rules enable simple or more complex approval cycles.
Ledgers Journals have to be approved via workflow, Pre-defined journal-types enforced and workflow enables site dependent rules to be followed.
Expenses Expenses can be entered against files ensuring re-charging.
Invoicing Generates invoice batches based on a full range of selection options, automatically picks up time, disbursements and annual fees, provides full editing capabilities.
Cash collection Drill from any of the above to related dashboards, excel spread sheets or word documents, additional notes fields allow explanation of figures
Direct Debts Client can sign up to direct debit payments and system generates batches for submission for payment
Credit Control An Electronic Diary records all events and prompts users to perform events. Ensure cycles can be defined for processing.
Advice call support Allows clients to subscribe to receive advice calls at a reduced rate. Support a complex chargeout rate metric which allow rates base or call length, time of year, client subscription level etc. Subscription can be paid via direct debit.
Crystal reports Reports can be written in crystal reports and then linked into the system without code changes, Reports can be linked to forms or objects.
Dashboard Links to the Timeview Dashboard system enable complex reporting systems to be generated
Person Web Enables users to enter timesheets, process document and review client and project information via the web.

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TimeView Example Screens

below are examples screens, click to view full size

subscription tax call
Recording a client advice request call

TimeView Example Screens

below are examples screens, click to view full size

Timeview example
Client information screen

TimeView Example Screens

timesheets example
Timesheet Input