DSDM Project managment tool


Projectview provides a framework that encompasses the entire solution life cycle, based on the DSDM atern framework. It combines the document control functions of products such as 'Project in a box', with a simple scrum management solutions with guidance to allow users to follow best practices. Documents and guidance notes can be customised and 3rd party scrum management tools can be used to import PRL and delivery plans.

The product is aimed at all accepts of the project including:-

  • Requirement management: managing Workshops, Use stories
  • Delivery control: Set up and control of sprints
  • Document management: Management of the DSDM products based documents
  • Reporting
    • Executive: dashboard providing an overview of all projects allowing drill down to project details.
    • Project management: Complete overview of the project access to all products and plans.
    • Daily Planning board : monitoring the current sprint.

DSDM Overview

Designed by the DSDM Consortium, DSDM Agile Project Framework is a Scrum based update on DSDM Atern product, stream lining the development process reducing the amount of documentation. Aims:-
  • Delivery On time of a working system
  • Enough Design Up Front
  • Focus on business need
  • Contingency, In order to deliver on time (to deal with business changes and under estimation), we need to build in contingency. That contingency is provided in the shape of non-essential requirements; our feature-contingency, if you will. These are the Could Have requirements
Atern helps to deliver results quickly and effectively. It concentrates on strategic goals and incremental delivery of real business benefits while keeping control of cost, risk and quality. Business Agility is enabled through the encouragement of self-directed, empowered teams working together in a supportive and collaborative manner. Atern can be applied to a wide range of projects from small software developments all the way up to full scale business process change.

Project lifecycle


DSDM 7 phases as shown below

work history


Phase Name View
Pre-Project The starting point of the project with the formal proposal. The Terms of reference document gives enough details to allow the project to be prioritised and start the feasibility phase
Terms of Reference:Defines the Business drivers/objectives of the project Review»
FeasibilityThe first opportunity to decide whether a proposed project is likely to be viable. Gather the minimal requirements to investigate possible solutions, cost and timeframes. Provide the resources for the foundation phase.
Feasibility study:Reviews if the project feasible, outlines the management,solution Architectural Review»
Foundations Build the foundations required to start development. The Prioritised Requirement list and delivery plan are baselined and are reviewed before each development timebox is started. This is the minimum upfront design defining the problem not the solution
Business Foundations: The business, as it will be after the project has completed. Review»
Solution Foundations: The Proposed Solution - in Outline Review»
Management Foundations: Define an outline plan of deliverables stages. Review»
Prioritised Requirements List: List of the user stories required, with MoSCow proitisation and estimates of costs, include non-function requirement Review»
Delivery Plan: Provides the high-level schedule of Timeboxes organised into increments and other activities for development. Review»
Risk Log: Review»
Development Build the solution, Using an iterative and incremental approach(Timeboxes). The delivery plan provides the baseline. At the end of the timebox the part solution may be deployed
Delivery Control: Review»
Quality Assurance: Review»
Deployment Get the whole or part solution into operational use.
Project Review Review»
Post ProjectAssess whether the business benefits described in the business case have been achieved to be done 3-6 months after deployment.
Benefits Assessment: Review»

Running Projects Using ProjectView

Projectview is aimed at providing all stakeholders involved in project the information they need.Namely:-

PM and SD Team Running project

ProjectView follows the DSDM project management framework, to assist in project development. Projectview supports the 7 phases at each stage providing guidance notes and access to the documents /web pages need to complete a phase. User stories and their management can either be directly control via projectview or data extracted from 3rd party sprint management tools. The main screens are:-

  • Review project: shows project summary including alerts/events/access to the required products
  • Planning Dashboard: Provides access to the PRL and delivery plans to assists in resourcing/monitoring the project
  • SD Team Monitor: During development phase the dashboard is used to monitor progress against the timebox plan


Executive Reports

Executive Reports

The executive reporting dashboard is designed to give an up to date overview of all projects and roadmap for the casual ad-hoc user using the minimal of project planning technology. It includes:-

  • Alerts , highlights, problems in active projects, resource allocation and the road map
  • Road map
  • Active projects summary


The PPO screen is used by the PPO to provide a highlevel overview of all active and planed projects , access to resource analysis including skill sets. The screen includes :-

  • Alerts , highlights, problems in active projects, resource allocation and the road map
  • Road map
  • active projects summary
  • Framework guidelines and best practices notes
  • Framework guidelines
  • Resource analysis